Strategic Sourcing

Our consulting group specializes in developing global and regional strategic procurement programs for purchasing
organizations in major corporations, universities, other educational institutions, government agencies as well as suppliers of these organizations.
No client is too big or too small to focus on cost optimization. We develop and implement sourcing strategies for materials, capital, construction and services within these companies.

These sourcing strategies are developed to help our client eliminate non-value added spending, increase speed to market, improve supplier relations, and reduce total delivered costs.

How does your purchasing goals, strategy, capability and results compare to “Best In Class?” Are you delivering optimal results, significantly improving TDC, valued by your customers and influencing the future direction of your company? Are your buyers in the forefront of technology and sourcing skills, dealing ethically and fairly with suppliers, are respected by their peers in the company and are they a major contributor to your company’s bottom line?


KLEW Procurement Assessment Model – KPAM©

We utilize the KPAM model to ascertain your strengths, identify areas of opportunities, assess your skill levels, determine the needs of your customer, ascertain your role in the overall business plan and how your results compare to “Best In Class” to help you develop the optimal goals, objective, strategies and structure for your Purchasing organization that will deliver the BEST value.

As part of our sourcing strategy work with you, we can help you determine if outsourcing is the right strategy for your procurement items. Using spend diagnostics, sourcing choice model, SWOT analysis and other source models, we will help determine your best/optimal effective and efficient sourcing options.